England Travel Tips with Visiting York City

Visiting York City

England or the United Kingdom has lots of beautiful and gorgeous cities that we must have to try to travel there. As we know that the capital of England is in London. London is the biggest city in England that everyone in the world known about London. However, it is not only London, England has also many other cities that have interest places. One of the interesting cities in England where is also mandatory for us to visit is York city. York is a city in England that has many interesting places and also presents other interesting things in it. If we want to decide york as our destination of England travel tips, it is one great choice for us.

Some of Mandatory Spots when Traveling to the City of York in UK

York is one of best city in England. It is a city with a long history since before the Roman Empire. It is not surprisingly, the city with a population of almost 200 thousand inhabitants leaves various old buildings hundreds of years old. York is in the North Yorkshire region of UK. In the United Kingdom, York is known as festival city cause there are a variety of tourist agendas there. If we want to know more about York, which is one our England travel tips, the following places of interest are visited, below:

• Minster of York

York Minster is a church there. It was built in the seventh century and became a center of worship for Christians in northern England. Nowadays, this cathedral is an icon of the pride of the people in York. From the official website, every detail of the York Minster building is a representation of the greatness of Jesus.

Minster of York
Minster of York

• The Sambles

The Samble is a small alley in the corner of York which is a shopping center, tourist attractions including ghost tours, restaurants and also various pubs. The majority of the buildings in this alley have been established since the end of the 14th and 15th centuries. In this time, the sambles there are many shops that sell Harry Potter trinkets. Another interesting place to visit is York Chocolate Story, a shop that sells chocolate based foods. In addition, there are also tours and workshops related to chocolate processing.

• Tower of Clifford

Clifford’s Tower is an icon of this city. The icon of York city was founded more than a thousand years ago and holds various kinds of history. Clifford’s Tower is part of York Castle and is the location for various monumental events in York such as the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the English Civil War.

Tower of Clifford
Tower of Clifford

• York City Wall

This building is a 3.4 kilometers long wall that runs through the York city. Built in the 13th century, the York City Wall initially functioned as a defensive bull. But nowadays, the building is a place for jogging for local residents after playing at The journey along the York City Wall takes about two hours from end to end. From above this wall, visitors can enjoy views of the city of York.